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As from June 15 2020 we have moved our training to online, therefore there is no excuse not to join us! All sessions are live streamed in real time and recorded for you to watch at a later time that might suit you better.

Sessions are 30 - 45+ minutes in duration (please check timetable).

Most sessions are placed on the timetable to enable multiple sessions to be to be undertaken i.e. Stretch followed by Pilates and Pilates followed by Meditation. Or Circuit followed by Stretch & Roll. Attend one 30 minute session or stay for the hour, you have the freedom to choose.

All clients attending a 30 minute session are required to warm up prior and stretch after their session/s on their own.

The studio facility and equipment is available for all members to use prior and after their session/s.

Sessions start and finish exactly at the stated time.

We are focused on very small group training, excluding Aqua. This ensures you receive 100% attention and leave You & Me PT satisfied you had a safe & effective session. Therefore all members must book in or ring to ensure there is vacancies in their selected sessions.


Rate; $30 per week for unlimited attendance to the live Zoom sessions

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