Reiki healing is a Japanese method which involves laying fully clothed on a treatment couch whilst the therapist places their hands either on, or just above you in a series of positions. It is almost always found to be deeply relaxing. As it activates the relaxation response at a very deep level it promotes re-balancing by creating an environment where your mind and body can begin to heal themselves.

·      Reduces stress & pain

·      Accelerates physical, emotional and mental healing

·      Increases mental & physical energy

·      Enhances problem solving & memory retention

·      Improves self-confidence and self esteem

·      Expands creativity & communication


“Reiki healing is a set of 'received skills' which permit the therapist to assist individuals to relax in a very particular way, enabling their body (mind/spirit) to access and activate its own, powerful, inherent, self-healing mechanisms”

Liza is guided during her Reiki treatment session and may incorporate massage, affirmation, mindful meditation, stretches, trigger point therapy, crystal & energy healing techniques.

45 minute Reiki appointment; $60

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